13 year old pitcher with arm pain?

Answer its tendinitis, you may have to keep off from throwing for a while if its really bad. You need to make sure that you have proper form...coming over the top, and don't throw that crazy curve ball y... Read More »

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13 year old with joint pain....?

No, growing pains tend to stop when you are done growing =p Females grow until their 18 and sometimes even after that. Although the pain lessens greatly as you get older, it only aches so much sinc... Read More »

How to Identify an Antique Purple Pitcher With No Markings?

For antique glassware collectors, second only to the thrill of the hunt is the excitement of discovering the maker and history of a piece. The term "antique glassware" encompasses a wide range of f... Read More »

I just CUT my finger off by mistake with a chain saw!!!!! PAIN PAIN!!!!! WHAT DO I DO! ?

Hold your hand above your head so that the blood isn't flowing out of it as much, tie a rope/string tight around the base of your finger, or if its gone, tie it around your wrist, to restrict blood... Read More »

Tired, bad headaches, abdominal pain, shoulder, leg, arm and joint pain..what is wrong with me?

Please try not to worry. You could have something as 'normal' as the flu, with fever. Or, if you're pretty sure you don't, then it sounds like a post-viral infectious arthritis. Rheumatoid infectio... Read More »