13 year old pitcher with arm pain?

Answer its tendinitis, you may have to keep off from throwing for a while if its really bad. You need to make sure that you have proper form...coming over the top, and don't throw that crazy curve ball y... Read More »

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My 5 Year Old Has Been Stung by a Bee. What will take the pain down?

I always thought vinegar, but that's from memory

13 year old with joint pain....?

No, growing pains tend to stop when you are done growing =p Females grow until their 18 and sometimes even after that. Although the pain lessens greatly as you get older, it only aches so much sinc... Read More »

How can you pull out your 12 year old molar without pain?

you have to but them to sleep or you can put on numbing stuff for 3 mins

I have a really bad pain in my left shoulder for almost a year already ...?

You likely have a problem in the cervical (neck) spine that accounts at least for the upper back and neck pain. A neck problem may be causing the shoulder and arm pain and dead feeling as well, bec... Read More »