13 and 5"0. Super short Please help!?

Answer 1) you're still growing.2) plenty of girls are 5'0. I'm am too. Youre lucky your not one of those 18 year old who are 4'9.3) Guys do find shortness attractive. My boyfriend loves that I'm a small p... Read More »

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Super Short Black Hairstyles?

Black hair has specific needs in terms of care and management. As it tends to be more dry and coarse than other hair types, it can be more difficult to manage on a daily basis. Thus, super short ha... Read More »

How to Style Super Short Black Hair?

If the length of your hair is shorter than two inches, you may inevitably come to the point of wanting to add extensions or wear wigs in order to change your look. However, there are many different... Read More »

Hairstyles for Super-Curly Short Hair?

Women with super-curly hair can obtain a number of different looks even with short styles. Curly hair is naturally full of body and offers a host of different styling options that can include breez... Read More »

What happened to Mike of Mike's Super Short Show?

In December 2006, after the last air of Mike's Super Short Show, Micheal Alan Jhonson admitted to being gay at only 16. Disney supposedly cancelled the show because of this knowledge beforehand. "M... Read More »