13 and 5"0. Super short Please help!?

Answer 1) you're still growing.2) plenty of girls are 5'0. I'm am too. Youre lucky your not one of those 18 year old who are 4'9.3) Guys do find shortness attractive. My boyfriend loves that I'm a small p... Read More »

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Short-sightedness Please Help Me!?

Some people, especially older ones who are getting their first glasses, are very sensitive to smaller vision losses. For a person who only has about a half diopter of vision loss, another half of a... Read More »

Super Knotted Hair, Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

grab a brush and get to work! try working at it in small sections and going from the bottom of the knot upwards. try asking someone for help also, they can see whats going ontry using something lik... Read More »

(Windows 7) Super high Ping. Please help.?

Problem is not with your modems problem is your internet connection you should ask this to your network provider (ISP)PS: your isp is where you pay your internet bill

Please I need help healing a burn SUPER FAST!?

Okay this prob sounds crazy but here's what you do.1) hold ice on it for 5-10 min2) wash your face dry it off then put mosterizer & thdn put that.creme that helps burns3) let it dry the put vaselin... Read More »