Â£12,000 website?

Answer Bull *hite, that is a rip off, whoever pays that much for a website needs to see s shrink.Only a corporation would pay that kind of cash, you can for a minimal amount buy all the services you need ... Read More »

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Which is the best camera bellow 12000 inr?

When was the last time the stock market was at 12000?

The last time the Dow Jones Average on the New York Stock Exchange was at 12,000 was on June 20, 2008. On that day, the market opened at 12,062.19 and closed at 11,842.69.Source:Google Finance: Do... Read More »

A friend says he has a 12000 watt stereo system is that even possible for home use?

Hi.Can you ask your friend these questions? Is that 12,000 watts per channel ,or 6,000 watts per channel? Also what rating does it come under : Continuous,Music,Peak or PMPO? Is the 12,000 watts av... Read More »

Budget around 10000-12000 rupees suggest good android phones?

You can choose HTC Wildfire. It is available @ Rs. 10,999/- after 31% discount @ shopbychoice.