12 yr. old volunteer work?

Answer volunteer at an animal shelter if you are an animal type of person

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Can you do paid volunteer work in Canada without a work visa?

Any person who engages in an activity in which wages or a commission is earned is considered to be working in Canada and not just volunteering, therefore they need to acquire a work permit, accordi... Read More »

What is volunteer work?

When you volunteer, you are offering your time and resources, without pay, to help a person or cause. Volunteer work is a gift, given in the spirit of charity, and can be extremely rewarding.A Cau... Read More »

Do you get paid for volunteer work?

No, you do not get paid for volunteer work. People do volunteer work to help their community, help those in need or because they are required to complete volunteer work hours by the courts.Referenc... Read More »

Is volunteer work in a Hospital tax deductible?

Volunteer work is not deductible. Otherwise, I would not owe any tax!