12 week scan pics here, what do you think......?

Answer congratulations by the way. I think your baby is a girl. I know it sounds stupid but my brother and two of my sisters have had babies and i got it right all three times at about the same is... Read More »

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Scan pics from todays 5 month scan measuring 21 weeks 5 days due 26/12?

Oh girlie!I was SOOOOO excited to see your scan photos and your little one looks GORGEOUS. Very clear to see what is what and you have a gorgeous little baby bump too!You must be RAPT right now and... Read More »

How can i scan pics on my computer?

Install driver and stuff that came with it.. You should be able to do it then..

If I don't have a scanner to scan pics onto my computer, where do I go to do that?

Libraries have more than books.........check yours out.

I have a printer/scanner (HP Vivera) - How do I get pics I scan onto my computer?

Place the picture within the scanner, go into your my computer and double click on "HP Vivera" scanner icon which gives you a list of tasks you could perform. Choose the Scanner & Camera Wizard and... Read More »