12 week scan pics here, what do you think......?

Answer congratulations by the way. I think your baby is a girl. I know it sounds stupid but my brother and two of my sisters have had babies and i got it right all three times at about the same is... Read More »

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Scan pics from todays 5 month scan measuring 21 weeks 5 days due 26/12?

Oh girlie!I was SOOOOO excited to see your scan photos and your little one looks GORGEOUS. Very clear to see what is what and you have a gorgeous little baby bump too!You must be RAPT right now and... Read More »

You all know me here do you think i should give up answering questions here trying to run a business is hard.?

Your the best one to answer that. All who know you have respect for you. Any help you give is good in my opinion.

How can i scan pics on my computer?

Install driver and stuff that came with it.. You should be able to do it then..

What do you think of this(pics)?

go for the first one in the first Pic haircut its cool