12 Volt Car Wiring Instructions?

Answer Before starting repairs or modifications to your car's 12 volt wiring system, it's helpful to know a few things about such topics as the types of wire that are typically used, how to use a crimping... Read More »

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How to Install 12-Volt Wiring?

The standard wiring system for all cars and trucks, including newer motorcycles or RVs, is 12-volt wiring. Installing new 12-volt wiring in a vehicle requires several steps. The first thing you sho... Read More »

Wiring a 220 Volt Freezer to a Breaker Box?

Many types of appliances, such as a freezer, may require a 220-volt outlet instead of the typical 120-volt outlet that is common in most houses. You can wire a 220-volt freezer to a breaker box by ... Read More »

How to Find a 12 Volt Wiring Short?

The electrical wiring in 12-volt systems, such as those in cars and boats, is subject to several damage hazards that can create shorts and stop on-board appliances from working. Automotive wiring u... Read More »

How to Wire LED Lights to 12-Volt Auto Wiring?

LEDs are bright, low-powered lights that are used to add custom styling to vehicles and as power indicators for a variety of switches and functions. Requiring only 2 volts of power, a resistor must... Read More »