10's compliment of .456 in detail?

Answer If you try forming that request into a complete sentence, maybe with a little added detail, someone may be able to help you out.

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How to Compliment a Guy?

Receiving a compliment can lead to a great friendship or help a day be better. Everyone loves a good compliment! Especially guys. Just remember not to be fake.

Do women see this as a compliment?

probably that you noticed . that speaks volumes to her.

What's the best compliment you got on your cooking?

I think that's wonderful, good for you and I don't think you can get a better compliment than that, mine was almost the same when my mom told me she couldn't have made it any better.That was a chri... Read More »

How to Compliment a Woman?

Giving a compliment to a woman you're interested in can be an easy yet effective way to make her feel special. Unfortunately, too many guys don't know how to give good compliments. They'll either s... Read More »