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Answer clickstart, control pannel, internet optionsand in the tab, "General"at the top it should say "Home Page"type in what you would like it to be.Zhaodao123is a tracking cookie.AKA Spywaretry and delet... Read More »

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Alg. I plz help 10points 4 best answer!?

Best answer 10points! am I normal! why does this happen?

It's totally normal my dad is like that as well as my brother they are shaking their leg all the time! It's part of the nervous system I guess

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These are pretty cheap and look pretty. hope I helped! Edit: there's this website too.…

How to get bigger Legs! QUICK 10POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!?

Try ALOT of stretches because stretching helps your muscles grow, so do a lot of thigh and hamstring stretches as well as squats which will FOR SURE help with strength as well