10lbs a week too high of a goal?

Answer It's better to lose weight slowly. It is a proven fact that if you lose it slow you will keep it off. Where as if you lose it fast, you're more likely to gain it back.

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How can I achieve my goal of losing 10lbs a month (3 months) ANSWER PLEASE!?

that's totally doable. I lost 80 pounds in 7 months and here's what i did:Food:it is absolutely vital before anything else that you do NOT break this rule: drink between 64 and 120 ounces of ICE CO... Read More »

What is the height of a jr. high basketball goal?

Official NBA, high school and junior high school basketball goals should be 10 feet high. Measure from court level to the center of the metal hoop. Heights may be adjusted for home or recreational ... Read More »

How high should a basketball goal be for a 2nd grader?

Regulation height for a basketball rim at every level of organized play is 10 feet, measured from the center of the rim to the ground. Some grade schools allow younger children, such as first- and ... Read More »

How many feet high is a football goal post?

The crossbar for a football goalpost is 10 feet above the ground, and the posts vary from 10 to 15 feet high. The width for a professional and college goalpost is 18 feet and 6 inches. The width fo... Read More »