$10k in the bank, should I still work while going to college.?

Answer You should always have a job. School should be no excuse to quit work and work should be no excuse to take 6 years to graduate. So if anything take a part time job while going to school full time.

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Do many college students simply not work at all while going to school?

yes you dont have to work. it depends on your need, but most of the time, loans/grants will cover the school expense. What you have left to spend on food, etc. depends on your need

Should I go on active duty first and then go to college or go reserves and go to college while in the air force?

That's a decision you need to weigh carefully and decide for yourself.

Best job(s) while going to college full time?

I'm in college and this is what I do. Trust me you'll thank me later. Be a tutor. I help people with math because that is my strong subjuect. I just charge $10-$15 and hour (which most people can a... Read More »

If you are former active duty and your spouse is still active duty do you still get the post 9 11 gi bill benefit for housing allowance while going to school?

Your status under the GI Bill, any of the incarnations of it, are dependent solely upon you, your time in service, and your status as relates to school.