10PTS. PLEASE HELP !.Do you treat a shoulder sprain or strain with ice or heat ?

Answer Ice for 20 minutes followed by heat for 20 minutes a few times daily for the first three days then just heat a couple times a day. The ice will reduce inflammation and the heat will draw blood to t... Read More »

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Does putting a heat pack on a strain/sprain make it worse or better?

Nurse Strine, Jelloise and Mazz to the rescue! lolOhhhh....nothing worse than a stiff neck Doc :(The only advice I can add to what you have already received, is that if there is no swelling, then ... Read More »


-Open Itunes-go to "(your ipods name)"-it sould say restore below "Check for Updates"-Click it-wait this shoudl delete everything on your ipod and it will the be same as you first bought it

Do i have a calf sprain or strain?

Nikon 1 J1 Help Please 10PTS?

Watch this:… Who better than Nikon to teach you to use your Nikon 1 J1?You can download the Owner's Manual here:â... Read More »