100mb equals 1GB?

Answer Two contexts exist for the MB equivalent of 1GB :Specs published by hard disk manufacturers are based on1000MB = 1 GB(although Windows measures the disk capacity as base 2 or 1024MB = 1GB ... this ... Read More »

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What is 100MB?

Which is faster, usb 2.0 or 100mb ethernet?

USB 2.0 can get to practical speeds of about 40 megabytes per second, according to Everything USB. A standard 100 Mbps Ethernet cable transfers data at about 6.0 megabytes per second.References:Eve... Read More »

How much broadband access is 100mb?

Broadband rated at 100 Mbps can transfer data up to 100 megabits per second, according to Broadcast Engineering. This type of connection provides incredible speed---allowing you to download a full ... Read More »

I Need to Send Over 100MB files?

Register these site and send huge data up to 500 Mb MegaUpload ( file of up to 500MB may be sent using this site. SendSpace ( file of up to 3... Read More »