100 greatest us military leaders of all time?

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Was sun tzu the greatest military leader of all time?

Yes he wrote the book the art of war and today thousands of years later people study his book and he beat 330,000 men with 33,000 and he saved a whole empire from doom without unsheathing his sword... Read More »

What is the bird name use for US military leaders who appear eager to use military force to protect the US?

Those who are eager to use force to protect the US are referred to as "hawks" or "hawkish." They are in opposition to "doves." These terms extend to use beyond just military leaders; they can be us... Read More »

Who were the US military leaders during the Vietnam War?

He wasn't there for the whole war, but General William C. Westmoreland did lead the war effort and its buildup at MACV from 1964 to 1968. His place in the history of this event is still controversi... Read More »

Who were the American Military leaders in Vietnam war?