10 weeks to lose a stone, please help?

Answer Theres a great app called myfitnesspal it lets you set your weight loss goal and you can keep track of your calorie intake by scanning your foods

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I need 2 lose weight i have 2 weeks i need a FREE way to lose 12lbs in 2 weeks please help.?

Okay, this is going to be difficult, just so you know. Spend at least one hour a day exercising - preferably cardio, like running. To burn calories you need to sweat for an extended period of time.... Read More »

My prom is in 6 weeks, help! I need to lose last 5kg, please?

Honestly, losing weight in that amount of time will definetely be a struggle. It's gonna take time to lose weight. You should exercise, cut down on your eating, but don't starve yourself because th... Read More »

I'm a 13 year old female i want to lose 35 pounds in 3 weeks please help?

More like two months. If you lose too much weight too fast, you traumitize your body

Diarrhea for three weeks, PLEASE HELP!!?

IDK about your condition but a remedy for that diahreaa is some CINNAMON TEA. Just boil up a few sticks of cinnamon until the waters a bit red, and it works like magic.