10 point..which boy name do you like better?

Answer julian- he will be bullied and called juliet or jillian or julie. this happened to people called julian i knowandrew- boring common old fashionedalexander- not that common. a very nice name. there ... Read More »

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Which YouTube name do you like better?

10point, which boy name do you like better?

Andrew~~I like Alexander too but I prefer Andrew more~

Omg i used to like this guy then I didn't and we started to be better friends and now I like him again what do I do?

Start flirting and make sure you look attractive when he's around. spend extra time with him. Good luck chica ;)

Simple food question. Which type of Omelette from this list do you like better ow would like to try?

I love Greek Omelets. If you ever get a chance a spinach and mozzarella omelet it also delicious.