(10 points) is newegg reliable?

Answer Yes it is. They have accurate reviews and fair pricing for all of their items.

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How to Be Notified on Newegg?

So you wanna be notified when a new product is back in stock well here are some steps for it.

Buying computer parts on Newegg?

no,they send you the parts in their box, you put it together

I want to buy a blu ray disk dirve and the ones on newegg you have to pay to install the drivers?

there are many oem drives that come with softwareits not drivers, as any windows system already has just the utilities for the drive.some free utilities are better than others but i dont... Read More »

Are those Newegg free coupons considered to be a popup and how to stop them appearing?

If you use firefox as your browser, you can simply add "blocksite" or any of the awesome and free addonds that stop any ads or annoying popups from showing up.