10 points for best answer, L'Oreal true match foundations, good or bad?

Answer It's not cakey, and it has medium-heavy coverage. It comes out evenly, too.I'm very very fair, and the lightest color is too dark for me, else I would use this foundation. If you're fair, buy the l... Read More »

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The True Match Foundation will give you medium coverage. For a drug store foundation, this is a really great one. It's great for people with oily skin, and it does not look or feel heavy. Of cour... Read More »

What covergirl concealer should I use if I use LOreal true match N8 cappuccino foundation?

i use loreal true match concealer in the same shade i do in the loreal true match foundation (: most people say go a shade light or darker and ive tried that but i get the most coverage without bei... Read More »

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in my opinion, L'oreal truematch is nearly fool proof. it blends so easily into the skin and looks very nice on the skin, providing that you are using your color and undertone. when i used it, i wo... Read More »

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I have a good idea. Internet Marketing is a great niche. Tons of people are looking to get out of their jobs. You can write some ebooks and sell them. Or you can do Affiliate Marketing and prom... Read More »