10 points anyone?

Answer banana cream and coconut cream

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Can anyone help me Easy 10 points.?

you may have broken your toe. only an x-ray can make certain of that, so you need to go have it x-rayed.i've smashed an extremity digit before, and while it did turn black and blue and the nail ev... Read More »

Jello shots anyone help 10 points!?

After two to three hours you can place the second layer on the first. After making the second layer allow it to cool for thirty minutes before pouring on the second. Jello-O Boy

Question about clubbing in NYC, 10 points, anyone:)?

Take the polish I'd they won't know and a copy of the passport is pretty lame but also the NYC ids you can get them cheap on timesquare and well done

Wheen 10 points to anyone that can help..?

You will get your period when your body is good and ready to get its period and no time sooner.If you don't get it by 16 or 17, see a doctor.And please believe me when I say that your period is rea... Read More »