*10 points* Orgasm when you pee?

Answer Well, if you've been holding your pee a long time, it does feel pretty good when you finally let go. Not as good as an orgasm, but pretty good.

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Is it true that the female orgasm is centred around pleasure , but the male orgasm is actually based on pain?

I watched Horizon years ago and it said that the male orgasm was based on pain but it was so concentrated that it came out as pleasure

Why i get pain in my belly when you orgasm?

If sex in anyway is becoming painful seek medical attention from your OB/GYN. It could be ovarian or uterine cysts.

Why you get pain in your belly when you orgasm?

It depends if you are male or female. In males the prostate gland contracts, and in females the uterus contracts. If it continues and bothers you, you may want to get a doctor to check as to the ca... Read More »

Why do I only reach orgasm when masturbating serious answers pls?

Maybe because they don't know what feels good, and only you do. Also, they might not be patient. For a lot of women, like myself, getting off takes a lot of time. And not all guys are patient enoug... Read More »