10 points! How much fresh mint should I use to make tea?

Answer Method #1: Use 1 Cup of fresh mint leaves, place them at the bottom of a tall glass and cover with 1/4 C. of water. Take the handle of a wooden spoon and muddle the leaves (muddle=mash repeatedly) ... Read More »

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How do I make mint oil with fresh mint?

Prepare the MintPlace four or five large mint leaves in the bottom of a mortar. Pound them with a pestle to bruise them, but don't pulverize them. Place the bruised mint leaves in the bottom of a g... Read More »

Who decided mint would be the the flavour of fresh breath?

Our sense of smell decided, not a person.And since human beings have been eating mint since the dawn of time, they kind of figured it out on their own.

Can I Add Fresh Mint to Melt-and-Pour Soap?

On One Hand: The BenefitsMint, whether spearmint or peppermint, smells pleasant. As an aromatherapy agent, mint has mood-lifting, stress-relieving and energizing properties. Adding fresh mint to me... Read More »

What year did the Philadelphia Mint start putting a"P"mint mark on quarters?

The Philadelphia Mint started adding a "P" mint mark to quarters in 1980. In previous years, quarters minted in Philadelphia had no mint mark at all. The mint mark can be found on the obverse of th... Read More »