*10 points!* Are websites such as morally right/illegal?

Answer yup its illegalmorals you would have to surch your self for that netflix or something like that to pay

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Do such websites really exist?

No, you will always need Java to run a Java applet. Java applets are hardly used anywhere anymore though. You might be thinking about JavaScript, which sounds similar, but is something completely d... Read More »

How do free websites such as facebook earn money?

most of the big brands on internet giving free services have there own advertisement networksgoogle > Google AdwordsYahoo + Bing > Microsof Advert networkFacebook > their on advertisment networkA s... Read More »

How do i post links for websites(EASY 10 POINTS!)?

Highlight the URL (link), right click and select copy, then go to where you want to post the link, right click again and select paste and presto!

Why do so many large, successful companies have such useless, cluttered, annoying websites?

Because they are trying to capitalize on the internet without caring what the customers think. Have you checked out the Foodnetwork website? Those guys are idiots! They have so many damn adds on th... Read More »