*10 points!* Are websites such as morally right/illegal?

Answer yup its illegalmorals you would have to surch your self for that netflix or something like that to pay

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How do i post links for websites(EASY 10 POINTS!)?

Highlight the URL (link), right click and select copy, then go to where you want to post the link, right click again and select paste and presto!

Is animal testing morally right?

No, it is not right for ANY reason. It is a disgustingly cruel and unethical method for testing drugs. The most saddening and painful thing is that labs inhumanely murder hundreds of animals per da... Read More »

Is it morally wrong to eat animals?

I'm incredibly morally torn?

Why don't you implement vegan changes slowly so that it's not as overwhelming? Most vegan start out by changing their diet. If it seems too hard to even do that all at once, then try just the major... Read More »