10 point question, i need a new camera HELP?

Answer get a canon there a great camera

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Camera question need help?

The amount of megapixels is but one thing to consider. The size of the sensor is another. The lens is yet another.Clever marketing has led many to believe "the more megapixels the better." This is ... Read More »

I need help with an injuryPLEASE ANSWER!!! I NEED URGENT HELP it's an easy question?

Caitlin, I speak as a broken toe veteran.Feel your toe carefully. Is there an obvious place the bones are no longer aligned, either at a joint or broken on a bone's length?If so, you do need a doct... Read More »

Which camera brand you recommend Do I need DSLR or point & shoot cameras are enough?

Anything that is 'enough' is seldom excellent and if it is not excellent then it cannot compete.To maximise your potential in photography you need to get a modern DSLR with a good lens (good lens i... Read More »

Camera Experts..! I need help to choose my first Camera..?

You have asked many questions. Let's just compare cameras first. This tool compares the H200 and the WX150.…Scroll down to compare each to the HX10V.1. CMO... Read More »