10 What happens to the roots of plants placed on their sides?

Answer if left out in the sun they will dryout and die, otherwise they will grow towards the ground again a they can sense gravity and some may sprout new stems depending on plant species and conditions.

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Can refrigerators be placed on their sides?

A refrigerator can be moved on its side, but it carries risk of some of the oil coming out of the compressor and running up the lines into places where restriction may occur. If this happens, damag... Read More »

How do plants transport water from their roots to their leaves?

The plants have internal tubes called xylem that facilitate this process. Inside the xylem, there is water. This water stretches directly from the roots to the leaves. When the water molecules are ... Read More »

Do all land plants get their water from their roots?

All land plants take part in a process called osmosis, in which the roots of the plant suck water from the soil and push the water up through the stem, to the foliage.References:Mad Sci Network: Bo... Read More »

What Happens to the Plants When Car Oil Gets in Their Soil?

Car oil disposed of improperly has a detrimental effect on the environment and plant growth. When soil is contaminated by oil, the minerals and nutrients are broken down. This inhibits seed germina... Read More »