10 Things That Make a Woman Jealous?

Answer If you are in a relationship, or want to be in one, you probably should be aware of things that make women jealous. Of course, these things will vary from woman to woman, as not everyone is the sam... Read More »

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When a woman is pregnant will it affect the baby if she was to reach for things that are very high?

AnswerI have heard that you must not reach for anything that is above your head. It has something to do with the uterine muscles. But this could be an old wives tale, so I am not for sure. You s... Read More »

How to Make a Guy That Hates You Jealous of Other Boys (Middle School Girls)?

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How to Refrain from Getting Jealous at People Who Do Things Better Than You?

You don't want to be jealous of people who make things look so effortless--but you are. How do you handle these feelings, and get over it?

The things that make us smile.. =]?

What makes me smile as a mom? * When my children bring their mommy some ginger ale, when I'm having bouts of nausea, with the twins I'm carrying.* When my son is making a break through during hi... Read More »