10 Reason Why Teens Should Drink..?

Answer They shouldnt.

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What is the top reason teens need cellphones?

Teens: What is the stupidest reason you've ever gotten a detention?

It's a tie for me between getting sent to the principal's office a few years ago for mixing my food together at lunch andgetting a Detention request because in my assignment book we get for my addr... Read More »

. Do you drink Alcohol - if so - for what reason?

I love beer, not carling or stella, but proper, real beer. Real ale in the pub and my own beer at home. I make beer from scratch that is as good if not better than the stuff I can get in pubs. I lo... Read More »

What is the reason that some people drink beer by adding lemon juice, etc., in it?

It tastes better.........try mixing a can of frozen concentrated limeade with a six pack of beer........YUMMY