10 Reason Why Teens Should Drink..?

Answer They shouldnt.

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What is the top reason teens need cellphones?

Teens: What is the stupidest reason you've ever gotten a detention?

It's a tie for me between getting sent to the principal's office a few years ago for mixing my food together at lunch andgetting a Detention request because in my assignment book we get for my addr... Read More »

. Do you drink Alcohol - if so - for what reason?

I love beer, not carling or stella, but proper, real beer. Real ale in the pub and my own beer at home. I make beer from scratch that is as good if not better than the stuff I can get in pubs. I lo... Read More »

How to Remind Teens Not to Drink?

Communication with teens can be quite difficult and challenging at times, but at this vital age they can be subjected to many influences and ideas that may become a part of them and shape their fut... Read More »