10 Points How do I clean my lens for the Radio thing?

Answer its easy... all you have to do is take some windex or sumin and spray a paper towel. then rub the lens. it should be clean. or just take a shirt(a cotton shirt or sumin...) and rub it.

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I got a fingerprint on my camera lens. How do I clean the lens?

There is lens paper, eye glasses wipes and in a real emergency a new dollar bill. However, hold the lens put a nickle on it and look through it; you notice you don't see it. Don't worry too much... Read More »

[10 POINTS] Can lens from another company fit my camera?

I guess you are confused.The Kodak Max is a P&S cameraIt will NOT use interchangeable lensesThe two lenses you listed only work on Nikon and Canon dSLR cameras.

Lens there such a thing?

This was obviously an Internet purchase.... no opportunity to see if they fit before you bought them The only thing you might find helpful would be to take the camera and lenses into your local ca... Read More »

Is there such thing as a "night vision lens"?

As you found out I/R is not the same as heat or night vision.Night vision uses a 'photon multiplier' tube, a high voltage cathode ray tube, to form an image on an internal screen by 'amplifying' th... Read More »