10 PTS! Does ihip cook their chicken is it microwaved or fried ?

Answer Their breakfast foods are top of the line, really, really good. Prices ranged from about $5 to $12 for most entrees.The chicken I wouldn't know about as I went their for breakfast and didn't notice... Read More »

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Fried Chicken Fried Fish Fried Pork Chops or Stir Fried Vegetables Which from this list do u like better?

Fish, Pork chops, and veggiees. i outgrew cHICkenmonrin Scooter

What does microwaved bacon cook like?

tbh its vile and pale looking just fry it hun sod the calories lol !!

What is the difference between chicken fried steak&country fried steak?

Chicken fried or country fried steak has been a popular dish for decades. Though it goes by many names, this recipe always involves dredging a beefsteak in flour or batter and spices and frying it ... Read More »

Stupid question.......when using chicken on pizza do you cook the chicken 1st or cook it on the pizza?

only cooked meats go on a pizza..never raw