10 POINTS!!!!!!!!! CLICK Here!?

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10 easy points for someone who can click their mouse..?

this what you wanted?The Answers, Part One * Dec. 31st, 2007 at 5:58 PMred sneakers***WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE SWEET FAR THING. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ THE BOOK AND STILL WA... Read More »

TEN POINTS!!! I WILL CHOOSE A BEST ANSWER!! I need help with my camara.... please click!!! :)?

2 years isn't that old!..but it may be time to retire the guess is that the zoom and or focus mechanisms have become stuckor jammed and are making the camera shake as they attempt to fu... Read More »

OMG ! Tokio Hotel Family Click.Click.Click !!!! How To Do Bill's New Makeup !!!!?

Haha I love it =] But I do prefer his black makeup. Star for you.

Rt click and Left click in my laptop is not working. Mouse pointer is working well. How to click?

1.check mouse setting in control panel2.check with alternative mouse