1 MB contains how many KB?

Answer 1000EDIT: I gotta laugh in here. So many pros that DONT know what they are talking about! 1000 bytes of data IS 1 kilobyte. 1000 kilobytes of data IS 1 megagabyte! If you for instance move a 1 mega... Read More »

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I want Excel to count how many cells contains "A" and how many "c" are under cells that contain "A"?

one solution could be this:The cells that contain a and c are in column Aexample of data:abcbadbcbcabbdcdaccdbthen in column B , cell b1 insert the formula:=IF(NOT(ISERROR(SEARCH("a";A1)));1;"")and... Read More »

The new testament contains how many different writings?

The New Testament canon contains 27 books. There are four Gospels, one book of Acts, 21 Epistles and one book of Revelation. You can break up the Epistles further into three parts; there would then... Read More »

How many mega pixel does a human eye contains?

The average human retina has five million cone receptors on it. Since the cones are responsible for colour vision, you might suppose that this equates to a five megapixel equivilant for the human e... Read More »

Do almonds contains fat ?

Yes my ruler, Balaji, all nuts contain fats and quite a lot of fat but it's healthy fats in nuts and one should eat some nuts...20 nuts or 20 nut halves a day if they are bigger nuts such as walnut... Read More »