1-Inch Spiders in Michigan?

Answer Spiders are arachnids found all over the world and hundreds of species are found in Michigan. They have eight legs, fangs and two body parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen. While many Michigan ... Read More »

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White Spiders Near Michigan?

Michigan is a natural habitat for two species of white-colored spiders, and its neighboring states see additional species. Most white spiders in the U.S. are harmless house spiders, but their unusu... Read More »

Largest Spiders in Michigan?

Spiders can be found in all regions of the world. But in Michigan, the size of spiders can range from the size of a pea to almost 4 or more inches depending on the type of spider. Two commonly-seen... Read More »

Poisonous Spiders & Insects in Michigan?

While not incredibly common, in Michigan there are a couple of species of poisonous spiders. Often, kids grow up "playing" with daddy-longlegs and have heard the frequently told myth that the daddy... Read More »

Common Spiders & Insects in Michigan?

Michigan is the land of Motown and motors. It is the winter wonderland and home to the massive Great Lakes. A place of pine trees and sand dunes; of fruits and forests. And it is a place of bugs an... Read More »