1 GB memory (is this good)?

Answer 1 Gig is okay for XP. If you're thinking of upgrading to Vista then the recommendation is for 2 gig.More RAM will not slow you down.You will need a video card that can handle the load. Make sure it... Read More »

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Is this a good usb memory stick?

TDK is a great brand nothing wrong with the flash drive

What does low virtual memory mean and how can I FIX THIS PROBLEM Iam new at this computer world.?

Add more RAM to your computer. If you right-click on My Computer and choose properties you can see the amount of installed RAM. It's probably less than 512MB.Sure you can change your virtual memory... Read More »

What is the meaning of this:total physical memory is 256 MB and available physical memory is 68 MB ?

It means that you have 256 MB of space in your memory, and only 68 MB are still available because the other 188 are being used by programs, tasks, storage, and whatnot.

Ive brought a new camera, HP R742, but now i need a memory card where can i get a good memory card?

What type of card do you needYou can get 2mb 4mb 8mb sd cardson ebayif its a sd card type in on ebay, sd micro cards.look for those that havr=e a card reader with above says, Kingston are... Read More »