-my steering wheel pump fluid is good. but sometimes when i turn corners it is hard for me to turn what is w?

Answer When you turn the wheel, the power steering pump comes under much greater load and appears to be failing. Having power steering which cuts in and out is far more dangerous than having totally non-f... Read More »

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What Does It Mean If Your Steering Wheel Is Hard to Turn to the Left?

Any malfunctions that affect a vehicle's steering capabilities are cause for alarm, as the inability to maneuver around traffic or other obstacles might result in a collision. Precise control is fu... Read More »

Car stimulator that similates what direction the tires turn when you turn the wheel?

Lets the traffic know that the road will turn towards the left followed by another turn towards the right Direction. And Be careful.

Should you run your swimming pool pump after adding muriatic acid or turn it off and if you turn it off for how long?

Answer If you are adjusting pH, add acid by spreading it around the pool with filter pump ON. Leave pump run for a couple of hours after adding acid. If you attempting to adjust Alkalinity, add aci... Read More »

How do trains turn corners?

The first thing a railroad trackman will tell you is "there are no corners on a railroad, there are only curves"I cant tell you how many times I have heard this, railroad curves are generally not r... Read More »