â€¢ • • • • - What do you think of this design for a website - • • • • •?

Answer Looks good. But it appears the plane is blocking some words. Was that intentional?

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What do you think of this design?

I like it that it's clean and I like the style..But.. I would make the blue box the same width as the white box. Make the shadows of the boxes a tiny bit lighter. And make Orkbo stand out a little ... Read More »

Tell me what you think of this website idea and any ideas?

In your message board, make sure you have things about hardware and how to install simple things, in case the technologically inept are viewing your site. You should probably split your website int... Read More »

What do you think of this website that helps you to de-clutter, unused food items in your cupboard?

It's kind of interesting, actually. I'll probably be checking back when I find something weird in my cupboard. :)But I already know what to do with anchovies - put them on pimentos and eat them as... Read More »

What are a free and easy website to design or create a website?

Have you ever tried this free website builder Mosite a Flash CMS.After Free Sign up, you can create without knowing a line of code, flash websites with effects,animations,sl... Read More »